LOW-Cost Setup

Just about all affiliate training today tells us to use a ‘FUNNEL’

A funnel is a sequence of information usually used for sales and marketing purposes – right?

Depending on the situation a funnel is often the best way to go…

BUT, as affiliate marketers, a funnel can be…

A SLEDGEHAMMER to crack a nut.



As an affiliate how many times have you been told you MUST build a list?…

An email list of ‘prospects’ interested in the thing the product you’re promoting promises to give them.

It’s good advice…

IF; people gave you their REAL email address!.

But they won’t.

Because unless they’ve been living under a rock, they know the game…

They’ll gladly give you their throwaway email in return for the incentive you’re offering.

And never even to see your emails!

Let alone open them and click the links.


Email legend Andre Chaperon suggests the Reverse Squeeze Page

A throwback to old-style values.

Rather than trying to manipulate people to give you their email why not just deliver the ‘value’ upfront…

No obligation, no strings attached?



I Promised You A Low-Cost Way To Promote – Right?

And this website is an example.

100% free for as long as you want it.

No hosting cost, no domain charges, no need for any fancy tools.

You can pretty it up as much as you like, images, videos…

I prefer words.

You can get the free membership that includes TWO of these sites here >>>

No strings attached 🙂


But How Do We PROFIT?

We need to promote a program that’s PROVEN to get people the specific RESULT it promises…

Ideally what I call an ‘Ultimate’ level program.

Because as well as nurturing happy customers (it falls like a house of cards unless there are happy customers)…

It can earn us the affiliates the potential for income streams from MULTIPLE companies???

Unheard of?

Promote one product from one company and potentially build multiple streams of affiliate income from multiple companies…

How cool is that?

CLICK HERE To Find Out More >>>

Would you like to see a Case Study Of How I Profit Promoting This Ultimate level Offer?

  • The ad copy
  • The landing pages
  • The email follow up
  • The stuff that works/doesn’t

If so please add your best email below, not the throwaway one 🙂

The email sequence is only 2 emails…

  1. The ONLY TWO Ultimate level programs I’ve ever found
  2. Why they work so well

I’ll then only email sharing what’s been working in the case studies.

One or two a week max.

I’ll not be ‘marketing’ anything else…


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